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Kolmeks pumps - on specification

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Help with Search

Basic searching

  • All search terms are matched against product names, descriptions and the product code.
  • Multiple search words are supported. Results containing most of your search terms are ranked highest.
  • Words with less than 3 characters are automatically removed from your search terms. Also common words are removed, like 'are' and 'is'.
  • Try to keep search terms short and to the point.
  • impeller
  • single stage

Advanced searching

  • If you prefer to search for a phrase, enclose it within "double quotes"
  • Special keywords you can use to join words in your search:
    • and specifies that both terms must be present in your results (included).
    • or specifies that either of the terms must be present in the results (optional).
    • not specifies that this term must be excluded from the search results.
  • inline or lobe
  • centrifugal not inline

Search filters

Search filters allow you to specify custom conditions in your search terms. It's similar to the advanced search, however you do not have go to the "advanced search" page first

Search filters should be added at the end of your search terms. Multiple search filters can be separated by a space.

Default supported search filters are listed below.

price: Filter your search results on price.
price:$300-$400, price:>$400
rating: Filter your search results on rating.
rating:1-5, rating:1, rating:>2
featured: Show featured (recommended) products only.
featured:true, featured:yes
instock: List only those products that are currently in stock.
instock:true, instock:yes
freeshipping: Show products that have free shipping.