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Kolmeks seal 40mm serie7

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General product description

Kolmeks shaft seal, serie nr. 7, 40 mm diameter.
Mechanical seal, including stator and rotor.
Kolmeks parts position: 40
Materials: carbon/SiC EPDM

Seal appears in the following Kolmeks pump models:

Shaft seal Ø 40 mm series nr.7 L_-125S ** (18,5-37 kW)
  AL_-1129 ** (45 kW)
  AL_-1155 ** (45 kW)
  AL_-1202 ** (/4 22-37 kW)
  AL_-1202 ** (/6 15-18,5 kW)
  ALP-1128 ** (45 kW)
  L_-100S ** (F32)
  AL_-1250 ** (/4 37 kW)
  AL_-1250 ** (/6 11-22 kW)
** = various seal options possible, depending on type and motor,
        please contact us for specifics.

Price: in EUR, excluding taxes, EXW Netherlands.

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