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Kolmeks pumps - on specification

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Search assistance

Do you need help in selecting the right Kolmeks pump or finding the correct spare part?
Contact us for help with your selection.

Send us your requirements and we will search alternative solutions for you.
We will need information on your application, or tell us everything you know about the pump you wish to replace.

For a successful pump search we usually need:
- Data of the pump you want to replace or renew: 
  pump brand, type and other specifications
  (for example the data from the name plate)
- Flow & pressure requirements
- Fluid characteristics and temperature
- Frequency and voltage
- NPSH available & required
- Possibly outline drawing of installation

If you are looking for the correct spare parts, then we will need model and type of your Kolmeks pump, plus serial number or year of built.
The name plate of your pump is a perfect data source for this information.